Function of Cooling Towers is based on nature’s own method of cooling and is thus not only effective in use but also cost effective. We offer a centralised cooling system, which has gained wider acceptance in pulp and paper industry, power plants and certain facilities of chemical industry thanks to its water and energy saving characteristics. Great attention has also been paid to noise level control. We optimise a system of Heat Exchangers and Cooling Towers into your process facility. The heat recovery rate is nowadays of great importance concerning energy consumption and energy costs.

User benefits

- Central cooling improves the operating efficiency of cooling compared to usual flow-through-cooling.
- Cooling water deficit decreases.
- Trash racks (see picture) diminish maintenance work and large service doors provide easy access.
- Cooling Tower capacity can be optimised by using Plate Heat Exchangers in free cooling.


The heat exchanging lamellas form the most important elements of Cooling Towers and provide a surface for the dripping water. The size of the lamella openings may even be large enough to let through small quantities of fibre or other impurities. Lamellas can also be later added or removed according to the usage.

Noise level is one decision criteria when selecting a cooling tower. We provide a possibility to adjust the blowers individually with help of a frequency converter according to the actual cooling demand.