• Plate Heat Exchangers, Gasketed and Braced Units
  • Spiral Heat Exhangers
  • Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Lamella Heat Exchangers
  • Air Preheaters (Luvos)
  • Cooling towers, also combined with a plate heat exchanger
  • CIP Washing Equipment


We deliver Heat Exchanger CIP washing equipment by order. Furthermore, we provide CIP washing service for any Heat Exchangers with our own CIP washing equipment. Additional equipment, like Enclosure Housings and Filters for Heat Exchangers are also available.

Heat Exchangers are in the core of our expertise. Tapiro offers the widest programme of Plate Heat Exchangers in the market, selected for your advantage. Most importantly, our comprehensive product range allows 1-pass solutions even for demanding positions. Let us guide you to the peak innovations and solutions and support your production process to work as you always wished it could.

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger Units

In the range of Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers we provide high quality solutions for industrial use. The latest innovation in plate exchangers called Free Flow presents circulation space needed especially with turbid fluids.

Types and solutions

- conventional type
- wide-gap plates
- semi-welded
- Sonder Safe twin-plate solution
- Free Flow with an extremely wide gap size


- process industries
- district heating
- pulp and paper industry
- food industry
- chemical industry
- ship building industry
- power plants

Braced Plate Heat Exchanger Units

Braced together, this compact heat exchanger type stands even continuous use in high temperatures. No rubber gaskets needed thanks to its copper bracing.


- district heating
- heat pumps
- evaporators and condensers
- heat recovery systems
- hydraulics
- strictly pure liquids and gases

Technical specifications
Size 4 body sizes
Construction TÛV Norm AD Merkblätter HP2/1, HP5/3
Standard materials AISI 304, AISI 316
Plate material SL 333
Plate pattern high, low, mixed theta
Temperature range –180°C– +200°C
Maximum pressure 30 bar
Fittings 4” fitting flanges
Plate area 0.333 m²

Tube Heat Exchangers and welded plate heat exchangers

No matter large or very large.


- filtrates
- acid and alkaline effluents
- liquors
- cooling of odorous gases
- vent steam condensers

Technical specifications
Materials AISI 304, AISI 316, 254SMO, 904L and other austenitic steels, SAF 2205, ASF 2304 and other ferritic-austenitic steels, carbon steels, titan

Lamella Heat Exchangers

Sondex Tapiro supplies reliable solutions even for the most demanding positions in pulp and paper industry. Berglunds Lamella Heat Exchangers operate universally with various media on a high heat transfer rate thanks to its full counterflow effect. In the long run a Lamella Heat Exchanger does not require high investments, thanks to its replaceable lamella battery. Additionally, there is no need for flow baffle plates.

The following advantages are achieved by the grooved surface:

- Strong turbulence in the fluid
- High operation pressure


- cooking fluid heating in pulp mills
- liquor pre-heaters
- power plants
- testing processes, evaporators and regenerative heat exchangers in chemical industry
- coolers and condensers of flue gas
- oil coolers

Technical specifications
Standard materials AISI 304, AISI 316L
Optional materials Titan, duplex stainless steel

Air Preheaters (Luvos) of Cast Iron

By-Cast luvos are always made of cast iron in order to provide with a long-term solution for air preheating.

User benefits

- Cast iron is an elastic material, which will stay in form over time despite of repeated temperature changes.
- The materials and technical solutions used make the air preheater corrosion-resistant.


- flue gas
- heat recovery

Cooling towers, also combined with a Plate Heat Exchanger

COOLING TOWERS - Cool by nature

Function of Cooling Towers is based on nature’s own method of cooling and is thus not only effective in use but also cost effective. We offer a centralised cooling system, which has gained wider acceptance in pulp and paper industry, power plants and certain facilities of chemical industry thanks to its water and energy saving characteristics. Great attention has also been paid to noise level control. We optimise a system of Heat Exchangers and Cooling Towers into your process facility. The heat recovery rate is nowadays of great importance concerning energy consumption and energy costs.

User benefits

- Central cooling improves the operating efficiency of cooling compared to usual flow-through-cooling.
- Cooling water deficit decreases.
- Trash racks (see picture) diminish maintenance work and large service doors provide easy access.
- Cooling Tower capacity can be optimised by using Plate Heat Exchangers in free cooling.


The heat exchanging lamellas form the most important elements of Cooling Towers and provide a surface for the dripping water. The size of the lamella openings may even be large enough to let through small quantities of fibre or other impurities. Lamellas can also be later added or removed according to the usage.

Noise level is one decision criteria when selecting a cooling tower. We provide a possibility to adjust the blowers individually with help of a frequency converter according to the actual cooling demand.

CIP Washing Equipment

Professional service and maintenance ensure a long and reliable use of your Heat Exchanger. We supply professional CIP-sets needed for washing of Heat Exchangers. The washing machine is mounted on a epoxy painted steel foundation which is standing on four wheels, of which two are lockable.

Set elements

- tank
- pump
- heating devices
- control cabinet
- necessary valves and instrumentation

Additionally, we perform Cleaning-In-Place of all Heat Exchangers by our own qualified team.