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Sondex Tapiro presents a selection of pumps by top European suppliers. Operating on- or off-shore you will find the most attractive solutions by us. Moreover there are Metering pumps, Boiler Feed Water Pumps, Ballast Pumps and special pumps for dangerous or aggressive media in our product range.

Centrifugal Pumps

We provide a comprehensive selection of industrial pumps under the norms API 610 and DIN.

Centrifugal pumps home page: www.pompetravaini.it

Our Ship Pumps come from a reliable German source, Behrens. These solid pumps attended for loading and unloading in the demanding environment of cargo ships.

Behrens pumps home page: www.behrenspumpen.de

Special Pumps are constructed by Ensival Moret for wearability use of corresponding materials such as high tensile alloy steels and rubber lined pumps.

Ensival Moret pump home page: www.ensival-moret.com

Ensival Moret

Specialized in the design and manufacturing of industrial pumps, Ensival Moret is an internationally recognized supplier whose pumps have been successfully operated around the world. Ensival Moret in fact has supplied solids handling pumps to various industries going back more than 60 years. Benefiting from this global experience and to better serve its customers, Ensival Moret has brought its expertise of pump design and manufacturing to develop a new product line of severe duty solids handling pumps for the aggregate (building materials), general, chemical, and mineral processing industries.


In Selfpriming Centrifugal Pumps our supplier is Varisco. For standard use we offer single-pulley pumps. An open impeller pump is an alternative which tolerates a higher level of particles and impurities in the fluid.

Varisco pumps home page: www.varisco.it

Piston Pumps

Wepuko Hydraulics' product range includes high pressure Triplex plunger pumps and radial piston pumps.


Wepuko home page: www.wepuko.de

Side Channel Pumps

Side Channel Pumps secure an overall reliability when several different materials are involved in your process.

Rotary Gear Pumps

Varisco Rotary Gear Pumps operate universally with all different types of media, from chemicals to pastes.

Varisco pumps home page: www.varisco.it

Screw Pumps

KRAL Triple Screw Spindle Pumps are designed for pumping oils and other lubricants.

Modular pumping unit

Technical specifications
Feeding capacity 2 – 3.100 l/min
Pressure range 6 – 150 bar
Pumps with Magnetic Coupling

KRAL Three Spindle Pumps home page: www.kral.at

Bornemann is the leading expert in Twin Screw Pumps. This ultimate technology meets the high yield requirements of oil refineries. The Twin Screw Pumps are especially suitable as loading and unloading pumps and for pumping chemicals and other extremely volatile solvents. The constructional characteristics of these pumps allow a high vapour concentration of the liquid. Moreover, the latest roboust SL model can replace a traditional block rotor pump.

Bornemann pumps home page: www.bornemann.com

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Bornemann Progressive Cavity Pumps are gentle and independently adjustable. Materials and functions are always selected according to your process.

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