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We offer both Liquid-Ring Vacuum Pumps by Pompetravaini and DVP Lamella Vacuum Pumps. Furthermore we supply additional vacuum products, such as valves, filters and entrainment separators as well as our own Tapivac liquid-ring equipment. Also revision of your current liquid-ring system corresponding to the latest environmental demands is a part of our overall service.

Liquid-ring Vacuum Pumps

Types and solutions

- 1-phase models TRV and TRS
- 2-phase model TRH

User benefits

- efficient use
- roboust and reliable construction


- de-aeration
- impregnation
- boiling processes
- vacuum condensing
- distillation
- drying systems
- sterilization
- filtration
- solvent recovery

Technical specifications
Feeding capacity 5 – 33 000 m³/h
Maximum vacuum 33 mbar
Optionally maximum vacuum with special equipment 1 mbar

Tapivac HYDROSYS Vacuum Pump Units are made in our own production.

Lamella Vacuum Pumps


- packing machines
- suction cup conveyors
- woodworking machines
- presses for wood or plastics
- bank note counting machines
- as compressors

Technical specifications
Feeding capacity 1 – 1 200 m³/h
Maximum vacuum 0,5 mbar
With compressor max 2 bar

DVP Lamella vacuum pumps homepage: www.dvp.it