• Twin Screw Spindle Flowmeters
  • Turbine Flowmeters
  • Batch Controllers
  • Dosing Systems


KRAL two screw spindle, positive displacement flowmeters measure the liquid accurately. The calculation is based on their measuring chamber volume and the speed of the two rotating spindles.

Flowmeter types

- Universal
- High Pressure
- Chemically Resistant
- Stainless
- Economy


Furthermore it is possible to order custom designed solutions according to your needs. A practical aid for evaluating the flowmeter’s signals is a Flow Management Unit BEM 4U developed by KRAL.

KRAL flowmeters home page: www.kral.at

Positive displacement flowmeters from Trimec take advantage of the oscillating piston design principle. Therefore Trimec flowmeters measure even high viscosity liquids accurately, +/- 0.5% o.r.

Trimec Multipulse Flowmeters homepage: www.trimecind.com

There is a wide selection of Flowmeters, Thermometers, Totalizers, Batch Controllers and other measuring equipment available from our Dutch supplier Fluidwell. We are pleased to select the correct measurement unit for your application.

Fluidwell measuring equipment homepage: www.fluidwell.com